Broken Man: a Memoir

by Still Searching

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Still Searching is:
John Vorhies
Joeyy Sheehan
Clay Graening
Austin Sigal
Shane Sehmer


released October 8, 2013

Recorded and produced by Still Searching.

Written by John Vorhies, Joeyy Sheehan, Clay Graening, Austin Sigal, Sean Srnka, and Mike Skinner.



all rights reserved


Still Searching Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Introduction
In this place I once called home
I’ve lost purpose, feeling, thought
and all I’m left with is isolation and rot.
Track Name: Hollow Hearted
There isn’t much left to say this time around
All we do is think, why are we here?

It’s just another sleepless night,
It’s just another hollow heart
Thinking of who we want to be,
instead of being who we are inside

We are always searching for something
What are you searching for in this existence you call a life?
But there is no need to have a burden upon your heavy, hollow heart
We all have a purpose.
Track Name: The Distance
All the friends that I use to know
Have abandoned me
but I will always cherish those nights

How many years have passed me by?
Since the moment, when we said our goodbyes

This desolation is a wasteland, inside my mind.

This world is cold, but it still holds beauty at the end of the day
And I can only thank you
You made me who I am today
Never again will I be led astray

This desolation is a wasteland.
Track Name: Fragments
I try to forget
I try so hard to forget about who I once was.

It’s hard, letting go of my past self
Late nights, hoping that I can reach the shore
I’m drowning in my thoughts,
The tide is pushing against me
It’s closing in.

I’m being swept away by the midnight tide
Old memories, pulling me into the depths
It’s getting harder to breathe
My reflection staring back at me
As I descend into the darkness
Why can’t the past just stay in the depths?

I’m not a monster.

Fight through these waves
to swim to a brighter future
I have the hope to move on
It’s all I have left within me

Cast away the fragments, of my former self
To find peace
I can’t change my past, but I can reshape my future.
Track Name: Underhanded
Too many times we've been down this same road before
Nothing has changed since then,
You haven't changed since then.

Who was I kidding?
What was I thinking?
When you said things would be different.

What happened to you?
You’re not the person I once knew back then.
Look what you've done,
when you said that things would change.

Everything between me and you is done.
I can't help someone who's buried themselves,
six feet under.

I never gave up on you,
You gave up on yourself.

A change in habits is a change for your life,
But that’s something your life will never see.
Track Name: A Sad Reality
Wake up dreamer,
Get your head out of the fucking clouds
It's time to come to terms with yourself

You’re above no one
This world doesn't revolve around you
No one bows at your feet

Look around you
There’s no one beside you.

So tell me this
How can you call yourself a king?
How does it feel to rule a throne?
When there is no one by your side?

You are just a fraud,
No one follows you
Come to terms with yourself
You are no better than me.